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When I became pregnant I knew that I would be breastfeeding my child. This was a natural process and felt a completely normal decision to make with regards to feeding my child. However as this would be a new experience and I knew no-one in my close circle of friends and family to talk about their breastfeeding experiences as most of them didn’t breastfeed, and for those that did kept it all hush-hush, I set out to educate myself.

I purchased a few books, one of my favourite’s from the goddess midwife Ina May Gaskin, which helped me to understand more about nourishing my child and feel at ease about the new adventure ahead. I watched a few videos on natural childbirth which covered talks on breastfeeding and watched YouTube videos on breastfeeding. I followed inspiring mothers on social media channels to ensure that I was only surrounded by optimistic, positive and empowering mothers who had the same belief system as me for my future parenting. I felt more uplifted by these mothers who were breastfeeding their sweet little ones which helped me feel more grounded and normal about my choice to breastfeed. Surrounding myself with the type of resources and people that aligned with my desire to breastfeed was a huge priority. I wanted to feel amazing about breastfeeding and have the support that would help me as a mother.

I hired a lactation consultant who I met with a couple of months before giving birth. This was the best decision to make and I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity. Having contact with a person in real life who could put my mind at ease, support me, answer any questions and just help me feel ready to breastfeed was super helpful. The lactation consultant was a great source of inspiration and guidance and I felt confident that if there were any issues when the baby was born that I could contact her to help me figure out those problems.

D-day arrived. At 41 weeks I went into labour and the most life-changing, mind-boggling, and incredible experience happened. I gave birth to my magical baby and was gifted a beautiful daughter.


Sophia was born at the stroke of midnight, and within ten minutes she was on my breast suckling away.


She was a strong suckler. It hurt but the midwives seemed happy with her latch and I just thought that this was normal as my breasts have never had a baby feed from them before, so I assumed it was going to feel a bit weird and maybe painful.

Over the next few days as I continued to feed Sophia many of the feeds felt painful. It hurt when I put her on the breast but as soon as she got into the feed it didn’t hurt so again I thought this was normal.

But as my nipples became really sore and started to look pretty nasty and my toes curled with pain every time I put her on to the breast I knew I needed to change something. I spoke to the midwives and they tried to help. But my new mum tired emotional brain didn’t click with the suggestions from one of my midwives.

I rang the lactation consultant and she instantly put my mind at ease. She reminded me of positions for me to be in and how to hold the baby for a more relaxed feeding. The answer: biological nurturing.

We had talked about this position at our initial consultation before I gave birth, but my emotional mum mind had forgotten about this in that first week with a newborn. After a very empowering phone conversation with the lactation consultant, I got out my phone and started watching YouTube videos on mums feeding their baby with the biological nurturing position. Something clicked. The aha moment!

I changed my body position. I changed the position of Sophia. I held her facing me, her nose to my nipple, pulled her body close to my stomach.

She latched and my toes didn’t curl in pain and I relaxed. From that moment on I continued to feed her in that position and my nipples healed after being very sore and cracked from the first week of breastfeeding. No more pain, no more tears, no more frustration. After the first week of latch issues and sore nipples, our breastfeeding journey blossomed.

We have not encountered any other issues and I continue to breastfeed Sophia at 23 months old. She has an incredible appetite for breast milk and food. She breastfeeds day and night and eats like a champ.

My biggest tip to new mums is to surround yourself with uplifting empowering mums who have the same parenting mindset which will help you on your breastfeeding and motherhood adventure.

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