6 weeks – 3 months

Finding Your Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Sisterhood Finding Your Breastfeeding Tribe Finding Your Breastfeeding Tribe Moms need other moms. You weren’t meant to go through this powerful experience on your own. When you are breastfeeding, it is very important to find other breastfeeding moms, or...

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Milky Minutes – Breastfeeding and SIDS

How does breastfeeding affect the rate of SIDS?   SIDS is every parent's worst fear. Recent research has shown that breastfeeding at least two months reduces the risk of SIDS by 50%! This is important and significant information that should be shared. Doctors...

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Scales and growth charts – Making sense of them

Weight How much did the baby weigh? That is one of the first things people will ask once your baby has arrived. They may comment, upon hearing the answer, “that’s big!” or perhaps, “oh, so tiny!” I almost never hear, “sounds like the perfect weight.” As your baby...

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