Birth – 6 Weeks

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Breastfeeding the First Day – All You Need to Know

Your brand-new baby has arrived. The moment you have been waiting 9 months for is here.   Now what?   You think of all the things you have heard about skin to skin. You remember that you should breastfeed right away.   Breastfeeding is so important to you and you want...

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Cluster Feeding

Catching Up Hello mamas! Long time, no read! We bought a new house. We went from not seriously looking to moved in less than eight weeks. It has been a whirlwind at our house.  Now that we are settled, well, sorta settled, in our new home, I will be blogging...

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Feeding a Sleepy Baby

  Many moms think that their baby will be ready and waiting to breastfeed as soon as they are born. It is true that some babies will do just that. Many babies will continue feeding frequently. Everybody will be happy, and no one will worry. Then there are the...

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Birth and Breastfeeding

Your baby is born, and he is placed on your chest. He looks up at you, wriggles his way to your breast, latches on and sucks strongly. You feel a rush of emotion that is filled with love and awe and power. You just birthed a baby, and now your body will continue to...

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Ten Steps to Make Breastfeeding Easier

Breastfeeding is hard! Breastfeeding is easy! You will hear both of these proclamations. Which is it? The truth is it can be hard for some mamas, and it can be easy peasy for others. I’m going to share ten steps that can make your breastfeeding journey easier. I...

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Milky Minutes – How do I know how much my baby is eating

This can be a constant concern, or even cause anxiety for some breastfeeding moms.You want to make sure that your baby is getting enough to eat. You may have people saying, are you sure he is getting enough? My mother-in-law, who breastfed her own children, said this...

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Sore Nipples

Sore Nipples– Normal, or Sign of a Problem? A mom having sore nipples is one of the reasons given most frequently for ending her breastfeeding journey sooner than she had planned. Some women tough it out, but breastfeeding is not a pleasant...

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Getting Help With Breastfeeding

  When You Need Help With Breastfeeding Many people experience breastfeeding challenges. This can happen, even if you have breastfed before, trouble free. Each baby is different, each breastfeeding experience is unique. If you experience breastfeeding challenges,...

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Schedules –Good, Bad or Ugly?

Should you put your baby on a schedule? It’s one of the great debates of being a mom. When we talk about a schedule for a baby, we are thinking in terms of how often the baby eats, and are usually think of scheduled vs demand feeding. This would imply that schedules...

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