Do You Need Help With Breastfeeding?


Are you not able to see a lactation consultant in person,

or does it not work best for you to go out to one?


Do you have lots of questions and want to talk one on one with a lactation consultant?


Do you want more attention than you can get in a group setting?


I can help! Schedule a consult or coaching session with me today!


A Consult addresses specific concerns and will involve

taking a history, doing any observations that are within

the possibilities of a video call and making an

assessment of what may be causing the issue.

Additionally, I will come up with a plan for you. I will do

follow up by email. Additional sessions may be

recommended if needed.


A Coaching session will be an opportunity for you to ask

me questions. You will have my attention for 30 or 60

minutes sessions, whichever you choose.


  Sessions are $100/hr. $50 for 1/2 hour.

  Sessions are payable in advance.

  Time is mutually agreed upon. 

  Sessions will take place in a Zoom call if you have video         capabilities.

 Coaching sessions can be done by phone if necessary.


Take advantage of my 24 years of experience. I can help you make breastfeeding a rewarding, positive experience.

I can help you feel confident about breastfeeding!

Contact me today at andrea.bfas@