Exclusive Pumping – Everything You Need to Consider

Exclusive Pumping Sometimes when breastfeeding gets really hard a mom will ask, “Can I just pump and bottle feed?” This is know as exclusive pumping, or EP. And it's a huge commitment. It takes time, energy and dedication.  Studies have shown that about 6% of moms are...

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Everything You Need to Know About Pumping Breast Milk!

When I was a fresh-faced new nurse the hospital where I worked had exactly one pump. That was for 150 moms who gave birth there each month. It was not in use most of the time. Now, some hospitals have a breast pump in every room.   A study on Infant Feeding...

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Breast Pumping Tips-the Secrets You Need to Know

  Do you ever use a breast pump? Most women who breastfeed do.   They may pump once. They may pump every few hours. They may pump for relief from engorgement or to get milk for a relief bottle. They may pump regularly at work. Whether by necessity or choice, more...

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Milky Minute – Is it okay to just pump and bottle feed?

Sometimes when breastfeeding is a struggle for a mom, she will ask me if it's okay to just pump and bottle feed. My answer is always, absolutely. I go back to one of my favorite phrases, "You drive the bus." That means that you decide where the...

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