Everything You Need to Know About Pumping Breast Milk!

When I was a fresh-faced new nurse the hospital where I worked had exactly one pump. That was for 150 moms who gave birth there each month. It was not in use most of the time. Now, some hospitals have a breast pump in every room.   A study on Infant Feeding...

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Breast Pumping Tips-the Secrets You Need to Know

  Do you ever use a breast pump? Most women who breastfeed do.   They may pump once. They may pump every few hours. They may pump for relief from engorgement or to get milk for a relief bottle. They may pump regularly at work. Whether by necessity or choice, more...

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Exclusive Pumping

Moms often choose exclusive pumping because they have experienced challenges with breastfeeding that they feel they cannot resolve. Other moms choose exclusive pumping because it has become too emotionally taxing to continue to work on those...

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Milky Minute – Is it okay to just pump and bottle feed?

Sometimes when breastfeeding is a struggle for a mom, she will ask me if it's okay to just pump and bottle feed. My answer is always, absolutely. I go back to one of my favorite phrases, "You drive the bus." That means that you decide where the...

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