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Get Breastfeeding Help From an RN/IBCLC

Andrea Tran

Do You Need Help With Breastfeeding?

I’m Andrea Tran.

I have been helping moms and babies breastfeed for over 26 years and I want to help you too.

I provide online consults via secure Google Meets.

Are you wondering if a lactation consult can help you?

A lactation consult can address a variety of specific concerns and general questions.

  • Milk Supply Problems
    • Not enough milk
    • Too much milk
  • Fussy baby
  • Latch difficulty
  • Forceful let-down
  • Your baby has reflux symptoms or food intolerances
  • Nipple or breast pain
  • Nipple Shield Use
  • Repeated clogged ducts or mastitis
  • Breast refusal
  • Create a back to work plan
  • Plan to build a milk stash
  • Pumping schedule
  • If you just feel like breastfeeding should be easier
  • Tips
  • Weaning
smiling woman holding baby girl

I am so grateful for being part of the Breastfeeding Confidential Facebook group and working one on one with Andrea.

From the very beginning of my breastfeeding journey I knew I had an oversupply of milk and it was therefore affecting my daughter. After meeting with a local lactation consultant who quickly jumped to prescribing medicine to my daughter for reflux and recommended I exclusively pump instead, I was not in a great place.

I knew what the issue was and just needed someone to listen to me and trust that I knew my body. I was not ready to give up.

Andrea has gone above and beyond and most importantly, she listened. Through her guidance I am now regulated and my daughter spits up no where near how much she was before. Our breastfeeding journey is everything I hoped it would be. I cannot thank Andrea enough for her support, recommendations, weekly check ins, and believing me.  

Mindy K.

Who Can be Helped With an Online Consult​​

  • The mom who wants help in the comfort and safety of her own home.
  • The mom who has lots of questions and wants one on one attention.
  • The mom who has no lactation consultants nearby.

How Much Does A  Consult Cost?

  • One hour is $100
  • 1/2 hour is $55


What will happen during the consult? 

  • I will get a complete history of what has been going on with breastfeeding.
  • I will get any relevant medical history.
  • I will watch a feeding if indicated.
  • I will make recommendations.
  • We will determine when I will follow up.
  • You can ask any questions you have.

How long will the consult last? 

Most consults require one hour.

If you just have questions and a feeding does not need to be observed a half hour appointment may be sufficient.

Will I be provided with written recommendations?

Yes, I will send you an email after the consult with all the recommendations I make. You won’t have to take any notes.

What kind of follow-up is provided? 

I will email you within one week to see how things are going. I may email you sooner if needed depending on the recommendations I make.

You can also email me with questions after the consult.

I provide up to four weeks of follow-up by email for a 1-hour consult.

I provide up to two weeks of follow-up by email for a 1/2-hour consult.

Will I need more than one consult? 

Some situations will require a follow up consult. Most of the time only a half hour appointment is needed for a follow up consult.

Follow up consults are an additional fee.

Can you guarantee that my problem will be fixed with a consult?

Nobody can guarantee you that. I can guarantee that I will provide you with the best help  possible.  I have 27+ years of experience as a lactation consultant and have helped thousands of moms.


Let me help you find your breastfeeding sweet spot.

What Happens After I Book The Consult?

  • I will send a consent form via HelloSign.
  • Once I am notified that the consent has been signed I will schedule a Google Meet for the consult.
  • Google will notify you of the Meet with the link.
  • Sign in at the appointment time.


"Andrea made breastfeeding a good experience and ensured that our son was growing and thriving." 
"We are doing great now. After following your advice we no longer need to supplement "
"With Andrea's help with positioning and showing me how to latch the right way, my sore and damaged nipples began to heal right away."
"Andrea, I truly believe breastfeeding would have ended for us weeks ago if not for your assistance."