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Body armor has not been scientifically proven to increase milk supply or lactation strength. However, many of the ingredients as well as the high calorie count might support lactation. There are also many verified testimonials and support posts from breastfeeding moms who claim this sports drink has helped their milk supply.

We often say here that the breastfeeding experience will vary from mom to mom. We also say frequently that when thinking about milk supply, the number one metric to consider is whether or not baby is gaining weight as she should. If baby is gaining weight, then she is getting all the milk she needs and you should not be too bothered about your milk supply.

But as we all know there are exceptions.

For years, healthcare providers have hammered on the importance of food and diet choices, and hydration to lactation success. These days, I would guess that most moms are doing their best to eat right and stay hydrated. But what is a mom to do when you just need a little boost? Maybe you need a short term boost to increase your frozen milk stash ahead of a trip or maybe baby’s appetite is increasing and you need some help to keep up.

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Image showing a hydrating mom

Whatever the reason, we have all heard some of the claims out there about the experiences of different moms who swear by one drink or the other. Oatmeal, certain brands of coconut water, and many others are said to help improve milk supply. One of the more controversial myths or claims among breastfeeding mothers in terms of “drinking” is whether or not the body armor drink increases breast milk supply.

And in this article, we will be looking critically into it.

Does Body Armor Drink Increase Milk Supply?

To answer, I would say a tentative Yes. The body armor drink MAY increase milk supply.

Image showing the BodyArmor Drink and a bottled breast milk

To be clear, Body Armor has not been scientifically proven to increase milk supply or lactation strength, but my personal experience and a couple of verified testimonials and support posts from other breastfeeding moms have been able to affirm the wonder-working prowess of this milk-reviving sports drink.

However, it is important to note that experiences will vary. How Body Armor works for each person will depend on their own body, how much they consume, and how it is combined with other techniques such as block feeding or power pumping.

How many bottles should a breastfeeding mother consume daily?

I personally drank maybe a bottle of the Orange Mango every day, but I never really felt under pressure as far as milk supply. I can imagine that others may drink it more or less frequently and each person will need to make the right decision for themselves in conjunction with their healthcare professional.

I have read some posts where moms have consumed as many as 2-5 bottles per day. My impression is that this may be a lot. The drink contains quite a lot of sugar in addition to vitamins and electrolytes. Do think about if that level of sugar intake is right for you.

If you are considering relying primarily on this hack to boost supply, then it is important to talk to a professional about what other things you need to consider and also what other options are available.

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How long does it take for Body Armor Drink to work?

For me, I would take the Body Armor drink for breastfeeding about 4 hours before a pumping session to increase milk supply. But on a general note, the Armor Drink could take between 2 to 6 hours before an increase in milk supply is noticed. Bottom line, your body needs certain nutrition and so long as it gets the nutrients, it will produce milk.

But let us also ponder the source of this ‘miraculous’ increase in milk supply. What are the ingredients of the Body Armor drinks?

What does Body Armor Drink contain?

Based on related articles and a support menu from the sports drink’s website, the armor drink contains a couple of ingredients including :

  • Filtered Water,
  • Coconut Water Concentrate,
  • Pure Cane Sugar,
  • Vitamins (A, B3, B9, B6, B12, C, D, E)
  • Electrolyte (Dipotassium Phosphate and Magnesium Oxide),
  • Natural Flavors and Colors


Body Armor Tropical Punch ingredient list

Source: https://www.drinkbodyarmor.com/product/tropical-punch/

Image showing the ingredients contained in the BodyArmor Drink

Now that we are done listing out the power menu of the body armor drink, let’s go further and uncork another answer bottle, shall we?

What are the active ingredients contained in Body Armor?

Some of the key ingredients to be aware of as far as Body Armor is concerned are covered below. I have selected a sample to that most likely to support breastfeeding and milk supply are:

Filtered Water

This one is fairly obvious. It has been scientifically proven that breast milk contains 90% water. Tons of studies have also made it clear that hydration is important for milk production. So adding water in whatever form to your diet is a good thing for breastfeeding and milk supply.

Body Armor contains 33.8 Fl Oz of water which will definitely help any nursing mom stay hydrated and help milk production.

Image showing a mom holding a glass of water

Coconut Water Concentrate

Coconut water is very nutritious in its own right. It contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium, has very low calories, and low sugar content. These coconut water constituents (particularly potassium and calcium) are known to boost milk supply and so can help increase lactation.


Image showing some coconut water extract in a mug-jar

Dipotassium Phosphate and magnesium oxide

Each of these ingredients is an electrolyte. Electrolytes are known to control and replenish the volume of water in the body (as seen in coconut water too). This is emphatically, this means that with a bottle or more of body armor drink, the rate of milk production in a pumping or breastfeeding mom could increase essentially.

Pure Cane Sugar

If there is one thing to really be careful about with Body Armor, I would say its the sugar. There is a lot of sugar in Body Armor. It contains pure cane sugar which is a natural sweetener and an energy booster.

This is not necessarily a problem for breastfeeding mothers, but do consider if your body can handle 21g of sugar. For context, the American Heart Association recommends no more than 24g a day for most women. Body Armor may be aware of this and they now have a product called Body Armor Lyte which has no added sugar.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a collagen-producing fluid that is known to build up antibodies, and acts as an anti oxidant to boost hydration. Citric acid also helps in increasing milk supply.

The presence of this precious additive in any preferred flavor of Body Armor Drink comes with an added advantage that could free up the clogged digestive system of pumping or breastfeeding moms.

Pure Carrot Juice Concentrate

Some Body Armor drinks contain pure carrot juice – this may serve as a color additive but also provides vitamins useful for breastfeeding moms.

Carrot juice also has lactation properties that could contribute to increasing milk supply in breastfeeding women.

Natural Flavors

The one thing that separates the Body Armor Drink and makes it a safer sports drink for milk milking women is the use of fruits and their extracts as flavor.

Some available flavors are Berry Punch, Blueberry Pomegranate, Kiwi Strawberry, Orange Clementine, Peach Mango, Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical Coconut, Watermelon, etc.

Image showing different flavors of the BodyArmor drink for breastfeeding

On the sideline, some breastfeeding mothers have also asked comparative questions that border around the differentiating factor(s) between the Body Armor Drink and Gatorade, since Blue Gatorade has similarly been claimed to be great for milk production.

Is the Body Armor Drink healthier than Gatorade?

Yes, the body armor drink is healthier than Gatorade.


Body armor drinks are regarded as a healthier sports drink due to the availability of a higher Potassium content and a bit of calcium in them as opposed to that of Gatorade.

This is so because the majority of persons require Potassium way more than Sodium or Magnesium, which is one of the major ingredients in the Gatorade drink.

Body Armor’s sugar content is made from a natural source (cane) while Gatorade contains a larger amount that is produced from dextrose (an artificial source).


Finally, lets us conclude by noting that just drinking water will go a long way towards supporting breastfeeding moms looking to increase milk supply.

It is also important to note that there are lots of other healthy options for achieving the same objective.

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Remember, breastfeeding is not an all or nothing deal. Even if your milk supply is low, each ounce you can give to baby is valuable.