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Breastfeeding takes a lot of time. I am not going to do the math. Trust me, it takes a lot of time. A breastfeeding basket can help you save time and make life easier.

I am all about making life easier for the breastfeeding mama. As you sit there, looking down lovingly at your sweet baby, you may get hungry or thirsty. You may just want some distraction.

That is why you need a breastfeeding basket.

wooden basket wit various items in it and a teddy bear leaned against it "The Nursing Mother's Companion" book on the other side. All items on a wood floor.

You actually need more than one. You’ll want to keep your breastfeeding essentials in all of the different places where you will be nursing your baby on a regular basis.

People recommend having a breastfeeding station. That makes me think of one place to breastfeed. You want to be able to comfortably feed your baby in more than one location.

You could prepare a portable breastfeeding station, but your hands will probably be full of baby.

A breastfeeding basket is the perfect solution.

Locations for Your Breastfeeding Basket

  • Your bedroom
  • Your baby’s bedroom. (It is recommended that your baby sleep near you for the first six months as part of reducing the risk of SIDS).
  • Your living room or family room, or wherever you might be hanging out
  • Your kitchen or dining table (trust me, you will breastfeed while you eat)
  • Your car
  • A portable breastfeeding basket (aka your diaper bag)

It doesn’t have to be a basket. It can be a tote or carryall.


So what should your breastfeeding kit contain? I’m glad you asked! These are the breastfeeding accessories that every mom will use again and again.

A Water Bottle

Moms get very thirsty when they breastfeed. It’s also important to stay hydrated for good milk production.

A breastfeeding mom should always have a water bottle within arms reach. My favorite water bottle is the Bubba Envy. I fill it with ice and it keeps my water cold all day long.

a silver water bottle and a black water bottle

Bonus Tip: Fill several water bottles at the beginning of the day and distribute them around the house. You will always have one nearby. If you like your water cold, get insulated bottles.

Bra pads

These are a must if you leak breast milk. You can choose from disposable or cloth. I prefer the cloth because they are more comfortable.

  • Some moms prefer disposable because that means less things to wash. You will be amazed at how much laundry your tiny human creates!

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You’ll want some lanolin in your breastfeeding basket if your nipples are sore.

  • You should only need this in the early weeks. If you have leftover Lanolin it is a great moisturizer for lips and hands.

A snack

Get a variety because a person can only eat so many granola bars.

9 Non-perishable Snack Ideas for your breastfeeding snack basket:

Burp Cloths

They are good for wet burps. They are also good for catching breast milk leaks.

Get cute burp cloths because everyone needs cute things in their lives. They are more fun to look at.

five burp cloths in white, black and grey


Breastfed babies are known for their diaper blowouts.

Baby wipes

To help clean up those blowouts. Look for baby wipes that are alcohol and fragrance free.

package of Honest company baby wipes

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is another nursing basket essential for after you’ve cleaned up that diaper blowout.

I really like the hand sanitizer sprays. I keep this one in my purse.

A blanket

You’ll want a nice soft blanket to keep your baby warm after they have blown out that really cute outfit you dressed her in.

The Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket is just about the softest thing I have ever felt.

A trash bag

For the used diaper and wipes.


You will want to include a few things for your comfort in your breastfeeding kit.

Lip balm

I am absolutely obsessed with Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. It keeps my lips moisturized better than anything else I have ever used.

Hand lotion

My favorite is EOS Hand Cream. I am a nurse who washes her hands many, many times a day. Trust me on this one.


The little travel packs take up less room.

Something For Distraction

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If you’re like me you probably already have baskets you can use. I love baskets. I have them all over my house. I put them to good use too. Can you think of a better place for all your remotes?

Your nursing basket doesn’t have to be a basket though. You can use a tote bag too.

I also love giving gift baskets full of useful things. A breastfeeding gift basket makes the perfect new mommy care package.

Bonus Tip: Stock your baskets at the beginning of the day. If you really want to make things easy, fill a bag with all the things you need at the beginning of the week. Just grab your bag and go around and stock your baskets every day with everything that is needed.

Anything that makes a new mom’s life easier is a good thing. Breastfeeding baskets filled with nursing must haves will make your life easier.

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Having breastfeeding baskets in all the places around your house is going to make your breastfeeding sessions so much easier and more enjoyable. This is one of my favorite tips for new breastfeeding moms. I love sharing it with all new mamas.