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Are you a breastfeeding mom who wants to look fashionable?

Do you prefer to cover up when you are breastfeeding in public or when you are nursing in front of certain people?

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional breastfeeding covers?

A DIY nursing scarf cover is the perfect solution!

When I wrote about Dressing For Breastfeeding I showed a variety of nursing covers. My all time favorite has to be an infinity nursing scarf.

The infinity nursing scarf looks like an ordinary scarf. It is a popular fashion accessory.

Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf

An infinity scarf is the perfect nursing cover. It will up your fashion game. In the cooler months it provides you with some extra warmth.

But I have found infinity scarfs are harder to come by recently, especially in the warmer months.

I am a hobby seamstress and I came up with a super easy DIY nursing scarf cover. I am talking crazy easy.

If you are a DIY type of mama be sure to sign up for my DIY Nursing Top Tutorial.




If you have a sewing machine you can sew your DIY infinity nursing scarf. It is one easy peasy seam. If you can’t get your hands on a sewing machine you can even make a no-sew version infinity nursing scarf with Fabric Fusing Tape.

For each DIY nursing scarf cover, you need 3/4 yard (27 inches) of 56-60 inch wide fabric. Believe it or not, Amazon has an impressive selection of fabrics. You need thread. Get a color that will blend with the fabric. If you are doing the no-sew version get the Fabric Fusing Tape.

Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf


If you use fabric that doesn’t fray you simply need to sew the two selvage ends together. Jersey and fleece fabrics work really well. Sew the fabric right sides together.

If you want to get fancy you can do a second seam for a professional finished look.

Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf

If you use a gauzy or silky fabric that frays you will want to finish the edges.

Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf

If you use the Fabric Fusing Tape you just put the tape on the edge and lay the other end of the fabric on top, right sides together and follow the directions to fuse.

Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf

You loop it around your neck once or twice and when it is time to breastfeed you unloop your DIY infinity nursing scarf and tuck your baby inside. And you congratulate yourself on how crafty you are!

Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf

You can make several of these DIY nursing scarfs so that you have one that will go with all your outfits.

Let me know how this pattern worked for you by leaving a comment below.

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Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf

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Super Easy DIY Nursing Cover Scarf