Top Ten Best Gifts For Breastfeeding Moms

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All you need are breasts.

Breasts are all you need. La la la la. Sing it with me! (To the tune of “All You Need Is Love.”)

Please don’t tell me that you don’t know that song by the Beatles. And don’t even think of telling me that you don’t know who the Beatles are because that would make me faint. Seriously. I would swoon right here on my keyboard.

Breastfeeding doesn’t require a lot of accessories. You need breasts. For most moms, that’s all they really need.

That said, some things are really nice to haveWhen something falls in the category of not essential but nice to have your first thought should be, “I wonder if I can get someone else to buy it for me?

Have a list ready of breastfeeding gifts you’d love to recieve when someone asks you what you want.

When asking for a breastfeeding gift, be specific with color and size. You want to enjoy looking at that breastfeeding pillow or wearing those must-have breastfeeding clothes!

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Top Ten Breastfeeding Gifts

These are the best for breastfeeding moms.


In my opinion a footstool for breastfeeding is almost essential.

It can make the difference between, “I feel okay,” and “I feel comfortable.”

Having your legs up just that little bit can make a huge difference in your comfort because it encourages you to lean back just enough.

If you find that you are doing the tip-toe  position when sitting then I highly recommend you put a footstool on your breastfeeding gifts wish list.

I really like the My Brest Friend Adjustable Nursing Stool. I have assembled several of these. They are super-easy to put together. Their natural wood finish makes them perfect for any decor. They are at an very affordable price point.

This Foam Foot Rest is crazy affordable and easy to move from room to room.

If you have someone who want to gift you with a big ticket item I love how this Graco Glider and Ottoman has a pull-out nursing stool. It comes in four different finishes.


This is an awesome gift for the breastfeeding mom who needs to take her pump to work. It is also perfect for the exclusively pumping mom who is never far from her pump.

While some pumps come with a bag, not all do. And insurance pumps are often bare-bones models with no bag or extras.

A good pumping bag enables mom to keep all her essential breast pumping supplies in one place. It should have an insulated area for pumped breast milk.

There are many options available at different price points. 

Sarah Wells has a line of high-end bags that were designed by a breastfeeding mom who knows the features that moms need most.

If you are looking for a lower price point Mom Cozy has several nice options.

If you prefer a backpack style then you will love this stylish option that has earned a 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon.

  • In addition to your pump you will want to make sure you have all the essentials for pumping.
  • Ice packs
  • Extra pump kit  for those times that you took your pump kit out to wash it and forgot to put it back in the bag. Or forgot to take it out and clean it in the first place. It takes up some space, but will be a lifesaver when you need it. And trust me, there will come a time when you will need it.
  • Always pack the essential pump piece – you know the little insignificant looking one that can make all the difference between having suction and not having suction.
  • Hand sanitizer
  •  Wet bag
This one from Sarah Wells includes a staging mat.

  • Water Bottle – I love how this one helps you keep on track drinking enough with the time marks.

  • Snack Bars

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Pumping bras are a hands-down mom favorite. Can you say “Multi-task”?


 A pillow designed for the needs of a nursing mom is a great accessory. Two leaders in the market are the Boppy and the My Brest Friend

Almost every mom wants a breastfeeding pillow. But there is not one pillow that is best for all moms. Check reviews and decide which one will be most helpful for you.


Breastfeeding moms don’t need a whole wardrobe of special clothes designed for breastfeeding. But there are some items that are awesome to have.

Nursing Tank Tops

These are a breastfeeding must have. You cannot have too many nursing tanks. They are available in basic styles. There are also super-cute stylish versions.

  • They are really comfortable to wear right after you have your baby. 
  • They usually won’t require any special fitting, like a bra does.
  • Tanks are stretchy and comfortable.
  • You can wear them under a top to cover your tummy when you pull the top up to breastfeed.


Sleepwear for Breastfeeding

You have got to love nursing pajamas that are functional and this pretty. These pj’s allow your tummy to stay covered so you stay warm on cold wintry nights.

If you are a nightgown kind of girl, this Nanette Lepore nursing nightgown is very pretty and since it has no buttons to fumble with in the middle of the night it is practical too.

Nursing Hoodie

This is another item of breastfeeding clothing that I really love. And this hoodie by Bearsland is highly rated on Amazon. 

Bonus: it has pockets!!!


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The Nursing Mother’s Companion by Kathleen Huggins has always been a favorite of mine. I love how easy reading it is and how you can quickly find what you are looking for. This was the book I chose for our gift bags when I worked in the hospital.

Latch by Robin Kaplan is a great addition to the breastfeeding book market.


I think this is the very best way to freeze breast milk. The tube shape is about an ounce. 

  • It gives you maximum flexibility when deciding how much to thaw.
  • You will waste less of your precious breast milk.
  • Tube size will fit into any baby bottle opening.
  • You can freeze them and then store the frozen tubes of milk  in a container.
  • You can fill some halfway to get a ½ oz for even more flexibility


I love cloth breastfeeding pads. They are more comfortable for your nipples. They are also environmentally friendly.

These Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads have a 4 1/2 staar rating on Amazon from over a whopping 1000 reviews!


This is one of my favorite breastfeeding gifts because I love a product that does more than one thing.

This infinity scarf also can cover your little one’s car seat or stroller. It can be used as a nursing cover too.

Since it makes a gorgeous scarf you will be able to wear it long after your breastfeeding days.




Breastfeeding is very economical. But these are a few goodies that can make it even more easy and enjoyable.

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  1. Christina Cenci

    This was so helpful and detailed! I just got a breast pump that pumps both breasts at the same time. I hope that is okay! I didn’t know wether or not to get the single pump but I went with the double! What is your suggestion? Thank you!!

  2. bfasshoediva50

    Double pumps are better. It stimulates greater production and is faster. Good choice!

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