Milky Minutes – Bottle Refusal

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Having a breastfeeding baby who refuses to take a bottle can cause panic in even the calmest mama. Let’s face it, bottle refusal can be stressful for both the mom and the person watching taking care of a baby in her absence.

If you are experiencing bottle refusal with your baby, chances are you have asked everyone for advice. Trust me, this is one of those things where everyone will have an opinion about what will cure your problem.

The most useful trick I have seen work is to have the baby facing away from the person who is giving the bottle.

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Walking, swaying or even gently dancing while you do it helps cure bottle refusal as well.

Singing will often earn you bonus points with the baby. Your success with adding singing may depend on how well you can carry a tune, so sometimes just humming is better.

I would recommend trying this trick for bottle refusal before going out an buying a bunch of bottles. You not only may put an end to the bottle refusal but save some money in the process!

Do you have a baby that has refused bottles? What did you try? Was it successful? Let me know in the comments section and please share this post!


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