Milky Minutes – Breastfeeding in Public

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Milky Minutes – Public Breastfeeding Rant

What year is it? Because when I looked it was 2018. Can I just say that I don’t understand why we are even talking about breastfeeding in public being a thing?  I had my first baby in 1986. (Don’t do the math, ok? I’m old, enough said). I breastfed in public al three of my babies and never had anyone say anything or look at me sideways.  I feel like we have gone backwards! It is 32 years later and women are being harassed worse today than ever. They are being harassed about feeding their hungry babies! How ridiculous is that?  They are being told that what they are doing is disgusting. Disgusting! I. Am. OVER. It! People need to get their mind out of the gutter! Anyone who makes a comment along these lines is sexually harassing a woman and is a pervert. If anyone says anything to you, that is how you should respond…”Get your mind out of the gutter, you pervert!” Okay. Rant over. Here is a beautiful picture of a baby eating.


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