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When a woman has a baby, she gets a lot of gifts. Baby clothes and accessories are the most popular presents that new moms receive. If you research the best gifts for nursing moms you will get suggestions for nursing pillows, bra pads, and nursing clothes.

New mothers are excited about their new baby and appreciate any gifts they receive. But, if you really want to make a new mom happy, you will give her something that makes her feel pampered.

Friends offering gifts to woman during party

She is so busy taking care of her little one that she doesn’t have time to focus on herself. Giving her a present that is all about her will make her day.

Check out these great ideas for gifts to pamper new moms who are breastfeeding. The key to unique gifts to pamper mom while nursing is choosing something that has nothing to do with the baby or breastfeeding.

I guarantee these things will make that special new mom feel pampered, appreciated, and will make you one of her favorite people.



One of the best gifts for nursing moms is a new mom pamper box. This is a collection of items that will allow her to indulge in a little “me time.” It is the perfect idea if a group of people wants to put together a gift that has that wow factor but is affordable for everyone who contributes.

These are some common items to include, but you can include anything you think she will enjoy. 

  • Hand cream. Moms are constantly washing their hands when they have a new baby. A luxurious hand cream like L’Occitane Butter Hand Cream will help keep her hands soft and moisturized. The price point makes this very affordable yet it feels luxurious.
  • Scented candles just seem to help create a relaxed environment. The message printed on this one makes it perfect for a new mama.
  • Something for the bath:
  • A shower steamer will make her feel pampered even when she doesn’t have time for a bath. Body Restore has steamers that can energize or calm.
  • Hydrating Sheet Face Masks. A good face mask can help a sleep-deprived mama look more awake than she actually is. The name of these masks is sure to make her laugh.
  • Aromatherapy kit with essential oils and a diffuser. Essential oils not only smell good, but they can also energize her or relax her.

The InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser has an insane number of ratings on Amazon for a 4.5 star rating.

I like Plant Therapy Essential Oils. If this is a group gift, one person could buy the diffuser and another could buy some essential oils.

  • Handmade soaps will make the often repeated task of handwashing more enjoyable.
  • Cozy slippers will keep her feet warm and pampered when she has to get up for those middle of the night feedings. Shoelocker Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers are an affordable option. For a higher end pair check out the recommendation below in the Splurge category.


Any of the Pamper Box items could be given individually for a budget-friendly choice. These are some additional ideas.

  • A pedicure – While a mani is nice, it’s harder to keep nails looking nice. A good pedicure will. Look good for weeks.
  • Bring her lunch or her favorite coffee and pastry. A pampering gift doesn’t have to be elaborate. 


Treat the new mom to a Spa Day for a fantastic, indulgent gift that is sure to make a big impression on her. Just make sure that her baby is taking a bottle because she is going to miss one or two feedings. You may even want to wait several months when she isn’t breastfeeding quite so frequently.

Woman getting a massage at a spa

These next two pampering gifts will give mama the gift of time in addition to the specific services provided.

  • Maid service, whether it is a one-time cleaning or regular service for a period of time will be greatly appreciated.
  • Private Chef who comes to her home and prepares a week’s worth (or more) of meals.

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug will keep her tea or coffee hot no matter how many times she gets interrupted while drinking it. This genius invention means no more putting a cup in the microwave to reheat it and forgetting about it.

Genuine Ugg Shearling Slippers will keep her feet warm without making them sweat the way synthetic furs can. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are super durable.



  • Bathrobe – Different seasons will call for different types of material.

Two cozy and warm options for the colder months are UGG Women’s Marlow Robe and Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Long Robe. Both have long and short versions and a wide variety of color options.

A 100% silk robe is perfect for the warmer weather. Make sure the new mom can wash it in the washer cause no new mama has time to handwash anything. 

A Waffle Spa Robe is another comfy and luxurious option.

Silk pajamas will feel soft against her skin and are breathable. LilySilk Silk Pajamas For Women are ideal because they can be machine washed.

Cozy socks – If you love the softness of Barefoot Dreams but a robe is out of your budget get her a pair of Barefoot Dreams Socks. They are affordable and are some seriously cozy soft goodness.

Warm slippers are great because they are available at a variety of price points.



The Niksa Foot Bath is pampering that she can enjoy as she breastfeeds. It has heat, bubbles, vibration and healing red light.

Luxetique Spa Gift Basket makes it easy to give the new mama an at-home spa kit.

A set of fluffy towels has the spa vibe and is practical too.



Food-related presents are one of the best gifts for nursing moms because it can help her eat healthy, save her time or be an indulgent treat. There are so many creative ways to approach this type of gift.

Give her a week ( or more if your budget allows) of a meal kit subscription. There are so many to choose from; organic, vegan, paleo.

The new mama may really appreciate heat and eat meals for those first few weeks at home with her newborn. Once she has had time to get into a routine, it can be a treat to have a meal that she and her partner can prepare together for some couple-time.

Find out her favorite treat foods and prepare a basket filled with them. 

Is she craving something that she can’t find where she lives? GoldBelly can deliver just about any food.

If you are on a budget offer to cook her favorite meal. Make sure you clean up afterward!

woman presenting a pizza

Buy her some fancy cookies.

Does she have a weakness for biscotti? A box of Barnett’s Gourmet Biscotti will turn her morning coffee into a special event for over two weeks.

Macarons from LeilaLove are a favorite of fans of this french treat. It’s a bonus that they are presented so beautifully in the pink box.

You can’t go wrong with Granny Bella’s if you want to send her an assortment of cookies.



With the right linens and pillows, the simple act of going to bed can become a lavish event. These are some items that will deliver on that promise.

A luxurious blanket like the UnHide Marshmallow Faux Fur Blanket will encourage her to take those oh-so-essential naps. This blanket is unbelievably soft and cozy. Admittedly, it is at a higher price point.

A silk pillowcase has a myriad of benefits that any new mom will appreciate.

  • Wrinkle prevention
  • Helps your skin and hair retain moisture
  • Prevents frizzy hair
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Aids with temperature regulation

Choose one like the Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase that can be machine washed. It comes as a set of two and is available in Standard, Queen and King size in eleven different colors.

A Yanser Luxury Silk Eye Mask is a budget-friendly silk sleep accessory.

High-thread count sheets are the perfect pampering gift for a new mom. The Wamsutta DreamZone high thread count sheets are a splurge item, for sure. But I can vouch for how cool and comfortable they feel. They are worth every penny.



If the UnHide blanket was out of your budget, consider the UnHide Lil’ Marsh.I received one of these as a gift and it is so incredibly soft and cozy that I bought a second one and have given two as gifts.

Barefoot Dreams is another super-soft throw.

Giraffe At Home also makes super-soft throws that feel ultra-luxurious. I had one before I received my UnHide. I loved it.

Flower Delivery Subscription – Getting a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers every month is sure to brighten a new mom’s day.

Audible Audiobook Subscription – this is perfect for the mom who loves to read but doesn’t have the time. She can use her nursing sessions or the time when she is in the car running errands to enjoy some good books. You can choose the length of the subscription you’d like to give.

A gift certificate for a massage is a favorite way to pamper a new mom.

Jade Rollers are all the rage right now. They can be used on the face, neck, or shoulders and are a nice pampering item at a budget price point.



Having a baby is such a special time. Any gift you give a new mother is sure to be appreciated. But if you give her a gift that makes her feel pampered she is going to love it. You have so many choices at every price point. The hard part will be choosing which gift to give.

If you want to give a gift that is related to breastfeeding I have lots of suggestions in Top Ten Best Gifts For Breastfeeding Moms.


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  • Dr. Yarish says:

    These are such lovely ideas! But the most important thing you can give to a new mom is your love and care.
    Many new mothers experience some moral difficulties due to hormonal changes, and at this time it is especially important for them to feel your care.